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Podere Pereto - Azienda Agricola Biologica Toscana

Cereal Soups

No soaking needed

zuppe cereali

Their ingredients include full grain cereals. Combined with legumes and vegetables they are a complete one-course meal.

Their cooking times vary from 30 to 40 minutes according to the preparation that is chosen. Always start up with cold water.

350 gr packages


Zuppa di cereali (cereals soup)

rice, pearled emmer, decorticated millet

this soup is very nourishing. Recommended for athletes especially before a sports competition

Riso e orzo (rice and barley)

rice, pearled barley

it is easy to digest and highly satisfying

Zuppa d'avena (oats soup)

oats, barley

invigorating, recommended when physical and mental effort is required

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