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Podere Pereto - Azienda Agricola Biologica Toscana

Our produce


We perform a crop rotation program on our farm. This means that the sowing cycles are differentiated through the years. We ensure that cereal, legume and vegetable crops are not sowed for more than two consecutive years on the same soil.

There are certain species that are termed as “exploiters” because they withdraw from the soil much of its nutritional elements (for example cereals) others that are termed as “improvers” because they improve the fertility of the soil (legumes).

It is highly interesting to see that when keeping an appropriate behaviour with the soil in order to ensure a good balance, the farm’s product list can present a more complete range of products. If you respect nature you will always be rewarded!

We currently perform all the cleaning phases, the husking (removal of outer skin), the pearling, and the calibration and, where it is necessary, the colour selection by means of an optical selector.

In the final manufacturing phase products are packaged in a food-grade nitrogen atmosphere thus ensuring an optimal oxygen-free storage.

Another highly important manufacturing phase is the drying process for the vegetables.

Some of our products for example pasta and tomatoes are manufactured or produced by other artisan partners. These are in any case certified and compliant organic producers.

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