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Podere Pereto - Azienda Agricola Biologica Toscana



Our tomatoes are grown in the “Crete Senesi” territory. We employ modern agricultural techniques side by side with good old traditional farming methods.

The result is that of an optimal product which is manufactured with skilled craftsmanship by a number of Tuscan artisan companies.


340/690 gr jars

Ingredients: tomatoes, basil, sea salt

seedless tomato and tomato peel


340 gr jars

Ingredients: tomatoes, basil

tomatoes are raw and keep their own juice, seeds and peel. The fresh tomato is chopped and put in the jar. No salt is added


340/690 gr jar

Ingredients: tomato juice and pulp, basil, salt

chopped tomatoes with their juice and sea salt and basil. The seeds are included because they have important nutrients.


340 gr jars

Ingredients: tomatoes

Whole tomatoes peeled with added sea salt and kept in their juice


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