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Podere Pereto - Azienda Agricola Biologica Toscana

Chickling peas


It’s a heritage variety very similar to the chickpea. It is widespread in the Mediterranean area. It has the highest content in protein of all legumes. It has a thick skin and requires lengthy soaking. The cicerchia we grow is small in size; we have recovered it from the Umbria region.

500 gr packages

Cicerchia (chickling peas) Varieta antica

To enhance cooking we recommend soaking for 8 hours. We suggest 50 gr per person when preparing soups. Keep a proportion of 1 dose of peas for 2 of water.

Cicerchia decorticata (decorticated chickling peas)

It is the above mentioned one whose skin has been removed through machinery thus enabling a quicker usage when cooking. No soaking is required and it may be used when making soups, passata and puree.

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